5 Paint Tips to Improve your Investment Property

Painting Tip #1 – Choose Subtle Shades of Gray

When it comes to choosing colors to perfectly fit small spaces yet also provide high-design appeal, we suggest choosing subtle shades of gray rather than super-saturated or dark hues. Grays work to maintain a fresh, modern feel throughout a property and are neutral enough to work well with accent colors.

Painting Tip #2 – Stay Consistent & Avoid Dramatic Accent Walls

Using the same light colors throughout an apartment creates cohesion and the illusion of space. One room flows into the next – It’s easy on the eye!  Strong color accent walls are popular and can be fun, yet sometimes this over-shadows the kitchen improvements you may have made, which are ultimately more important to most tenants. Also pay careful consideration of the skill or your painter and cost for a quick touch-up with darker accents colors.

Painting Tip #3 – Pay Attention to Detail

When it comes to painting trim work and moldings in small spaces, consider detail. Is the molding elaborate and special enough to serve as a highlighted feature? If so, it’s smart to paint it a few shades darker or lighter than a wall or cabinet’s main color. Keep in mind that contrast also causes the eye to stop and focus, rather than move fluidly through a space. White always generates a clean, subtle and sophisticated result.

Painting Tip #4 – Don’t Skip Prep-Work

When re-enameling cabinets and repainting doors, be sure to install new hinges or strip and mask them prior to painting…few things detract from an apartment’s new appearance than globs of old paint where it doesn’t belong, especially on items that should be shiny!

Painting Tip #5 – Hire Experienced Painting Professionals

Ceilings, Baseboards, and door trim, should all be clean, and painted with skill, otherwise these elements can draw unnecessary attention from featured elements like new or remodeled kitchen cabinets and counters that you’ve spent so much money on!

All in all, painting should be your highest return on investment for any project, given the relatively low cost of painting verses other remodel projects. A bad paint job or poor color selection shrink your appeal to a narrower audience and make leasing a greater challenge.

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