How to Improve a multi-family property on a budget

When on a limited budget, focus first on contact areas! 

After a long day we want to come home to a place that makes us happy don’t we? What’s the first thing you see? Front door? Is it freshly painted and clean?  When presenting apartment buildings, the first thing a tenant is likely to touch is the doorknob. If it has a dated brass look or worn appearance, we are already starting poorly. As you open the front door, in most apartments you first see the kitchen. Do the appliances match? They don’t always need to be stainless steel but they do all need to match for visual comfort.

If any of these disappoint, they all disappoint.

update your apartment for cheap

6 Things You can Do to Instantly Freshen Up an Apartment Unit

  1. A fresh coat of paint offers the greatest return on investment.
  2. Rather than replacing, consider re-enameling cabinets and countertops.
  3. Why wouldn’t you replace a $10 toilet seat for a fresh new look?
  4. Sanding and re-painting baseboards can greatly freshen up appearance.
  5. Replacing hinges and hardware can often improve the appearance of doors by becoming the more prominent feature.
  6. Reframe a tired old mirror instead of replacing it.

Go Energy Efficient for Cost Savings

There are many ways to reduce the monthly cost of units:

  • Still using halogen or incandescent lighting in your car port and general areas? LED lighting has come down significantly in cost and will serve to reduce your electricity bill and maintenance costs.
  • Switch your single speed pool pump to a variable speed motor. We have experienced savings of between $40 and $60 per month on electricity bills.
  • Switch to low flow toilets, shower heads and faucets and save on your water bill.
how to make your apartment energy efficient

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