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Commercial properties may refer to retail, office, warehouse and industrial buildings. This category also includes multi-family and mixed-use buildings – properties that include a combination of retail, office and apartments units. The Brokerage Services team at Arizona Investment & Management LLC can help you understand what to buy, where to buy and how to best leverage these factors for maximum returns. Contact us to discuss purchasing a commercial property in the Metro Phoenix area.


5 Reasons to Invest in Arizona Commercial Real Estate

1) Income

One of the hallmarks of commercial real estate is that they are income producing. Unlike most stocks, which pay no dividends, commercial real estate is defined by its ability to pay out regular cash distributions.

2) Capital Appreciation

The ability to create massive wealth through capital appreciation is an even bigger part of commercial real estate than cash flow. It is not uncommon for commercial properties to increase significantly in value of time. Commercial real estate has proven to be one of the greatest hedges to inflation of all investment types.

3) Leverage

This is one of the most important reasons that real estate has proven to be such an outstanding investment type over time. Most commercial real estate is not purchased with 100% cash. Properties are normally secured with 20% to 30% cash down and the balance financed by a mortgage. The ability to buy assets beyond your immediate cash available facilitates wealth growth.

4) Security

Most commercial real estate is based on basic needs: shelter (apartments and mobile home parks), basic services (retail and office), and storage (self-storage and industrial warehouse). Where stocks often revolve around complex business models, commercial real estate is based on strong, perpetual demand.

5) Diversity

Most commercial properties have multiple tenants. This gives the owner some portfolio balance and diversity – they are not 100% reliant on just one tenant’s rent.

Featured Commercial Investment Opportunities

in Metro Phoenix

At Arizona Investment & Management LLC,  we specialize in the acquisition and sales of investment properties throughout the state of Arizona. Our current listings include single assets as well as portfolios of residential and commercial properties. Our team of real estate experts are dedicated to helping you buy or sell any Arizona investment property or portfolio, providing the highest quality service to each and every client. Below is just a small portion of available real estate investment opportunities here in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Please contact us to be included in our database for off-market and private listings.

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