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Multi-family refers to properties that consist of multiple dwellings of usually four or more units or multi-storied apartment buildings. Investors buying multi-family often look to the cash flow that such an investment can provide in addition to long-term appreciation. Asset class (building types) determine expected rate of returns combined with relevant sub-market location. Arizona Investment & Management LLC Brokerage Services can help you understand what to buy, where to buy and how to best leverage these factors for maximum returns. Contact us to discuss this investment opportunity further.

Financing a Multi-Family Investment in Arizona

Arizona provides solid investment opportunities in multi-family as vacancy rates continue to drop and rents are steadily increasing, especially in the Metropolitan Phoenix market.

Lenders tend to look at the stabilization of a multi-family project as one of the key determinants of what leverage of financing they will provide. The following items will typically be needed in order to get pre-qualification for an Arizona investment deal. These are pulled together by both the buyer and their agent to send to the lender.

  • A personal financial statement dated within the last 60 days.
  • A tri-merge credit report dated within 60 days (Lender will pull).
  • The last two (2) years and year-to-date income operating expense statement for the property.
  • Copy of the rent roll dated within the last 60 days.
  • A copy of the purchase contract and any earnest monies.
  • A brief summary of the loan requested, which should include who, what, where, when, why, and how (Lender will complete).
  • A resume from the Borrower showing Landlord/Investment experience.
  • Digital color photos of the property.
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Considerations when looking at a Multi-Family Property

Some things to consider when looking at investing in a multi-family property:

  1. How much cash to put down?
  2. Will you need financing?
  3. What kind of investment are you looking for: turnkey or value-add?
  4. How involved do you want to be: passive or active daily involvement?
  5. What are your investment goals both short and long term?
  6. How long do you want to hold the property?
  7. What is the exit strategy… when, what, why and how?
  8. How to manage the property? Property management is critical to success.
  9. What is more important to you, consistent cash flow or appreciation potential?
  10. What kind of returns are you realistically looking for?

Featured Multi-Family Investment Opportunities

in Metro Phoenix

At Arizona Investment & Management LLC,  we specialize in the acquisition and sales of investment properties throughout the state of Arizona. Our current listings include single assets as well as portfolios of residential and commercial properties. Our team of real estate experts are dedicated to helping you buy or sell any Arizona investment property or portfolio, providing the highest quality service to each and every client. Below is just a small portion of available real estate investment opportunities here in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Please contact us to be included in our database for off-market and private listings.

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