With over 30 years of experience, AIM Brokerage Services has the resources to assist in your commercial property investment.

A secure and established company, we currently manage upwards of 1,000 apartment units in Arizona.

Arizona Investment and Management LLC (AIM)

A Full Service Real Estate Company

Arizona Investment & Management, LLC (AIM) is a full-service real estate management and brokerage company. Our primary focus is multi-family and commercial investment management, acquisition and sales. By combining the strength of diverse overlapping services, we offer our investors unique insight to increase values, maximize cash flow, and secure their assets through various cycles in real estate.

Looking to buy or sell an investment in Arizona? AIM Brokerage Services is well versed in the state’s investment market and can help with property identification and evaluation, transaction representation (buyer or seller), and due diligence services.

Our History

Arizona Investment & Management’s principals have more than 40 years combined experience in professional real estate investment, management and sales.

AIM’s strengths, focus and direction are entirely devoted to the commercial, multifamily and retail markets.  Long established relationships with vendors, suppliers and contractors ensure that all services are delivered in the most cost-efficient and quality manner.

AIM prides itself on strong investor values and takes a pro-active role in managing your properties. AIM Real Estate Services is a well resourced and dedicated company based on personal relationships with owners. We simply give more attention to your properties.  The company has efficient and experienced personnel to assist its clients so you can be assured prompt attention 24 hours a day if necessary.

AIM Brokerage Services is the newest division of AIM, launched in 2015. The brokerage company exclusively represents investors (buyers and sellers) of multi-family, commercial and development properties and residential portfolios. By focusing only on investment transactions AIM Brokerage Services has a unique understanding of evolving market dynamics and operational metrics. Our team of experienced and dedicated investment experts are focused on providing the highest level of service, educating and guiding our clients through every aspect of the buying and selling process.

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