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Why do property owners choose us to manage their Phoenix property?

When Arizona Investment & Management LLC assumes management responsibility for a client’s property we first conduct a thorough property analysis and inspection. The inspection not only aids in developing a game plan for marketing and enhancements, but also is an independent, professional appraisal of the condition of the property, current on-site staff and the viability of the property in the marketplace.

The inspection includes the following:

  • Color and “show ability” – first impressions of the property upon entering the grounds;
  • Cosmetics of the physical structures on the property;
  • Landscaping, grounds and parking areas
  • All tenant facilities including laundry rooms, exercise and recreational areas, whirlpools, pools,tennis courts, playground areas, etc. These facilities are inspected for early detection of future problems and ensures that all equipment is current and free of safety hazards; Obvious physical defects and estimated expense to repair/refurbish.
  • On-site staff/management appearance, attitude and salesmanship. Appropriateness, effectiveness and availability of marketing materials, attractiveness of decor and effectiveness of furnishings in apartment models.
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Investment Property Maintenance

Our philosophy on maintenance is: invest care, professionalism, and a do-it-right mentality to increase long-term profits to the property owner. Maintenance of your property is a daily, ongoing,  and proactive process. Our maintenance team inspects all completed work, monitors the costs and maintains records of all recommended improvements. Our maintenance services are available at your investment property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has been our experience that on-site maintenance can save a property up to 30% over the cost of hiring outside contractors for repairs.

Maintenance of your property is a daily, ongoing,  and proactive process. Our maintenance team inspects all completed work, monitors the costs and maintains records of all recommended improvements. On-site personnel are on 24-hour emergency call. Emergency repairs are given top priority. Non-emergency work orders are scheduled and competed within 72 hours. Prior to renting a unit, our repair crew thoroughly inspects, cleans and makes any needed repairs and leaves the unit in the best possible condition warranting the highest rent possible for the market. Weekly inspection reports are required and preventive maintenance is performed on a set schedule.

Arizona Investment & Management LLC is always concerned about controlling cost for our owners and tenants. Arizona Investment & Management LLC has taken the position that the cost of Renter’s Insurance at $14.50 a month is money well spent to add protection to both the Owners and Tenants. Learn more about Renter’s insurance for Multi-Family Property Owners

Maintenance Services in Phoenix


We believe the goals of all property management companies should be the same: maximize the total amount of income while closely monitoring expenses.

We base our fee on rental income collected only. The fees we earn for managing the property pay for our cost of doing business.

Following are the services we offer to the apartment investor:

  • Experienced apartment maintenance personnel
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Licensed contractor services available
  • Long relationships with licensed, bonded, and insured vendors
  • Access to various outlets for parts
  • Simple repairs to complete unit turns
  • In-depth inspections by a supervisor before and after work is completed
  • Complete insurance coverage of all maintenance personnel
  • Supporting tenant initiative in taking care of a problem
  • Analysis of fees/costs and outward billing if warranted
  • Priority to Health and Safety issues per Arizona Landlord/Tenant Act
  • Communication with owner ASAP regarding unusually high repair cost
  • Monthly checks on smoke alarms, A/C filters, and pest control
  • We do not charge our clients for:
    • Associations or clubs to which the management company belongs
    • Dues or subscriptions that benefit the management company
    • Credit verification (they are charged to prospective residents)
    • Income from other sources, i.e. laundry or vending
    • Income from forfeited security deposits or cleaning fees

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